Eco Schools 

The Seaview Eco Council were elected at the start of the year and chosen for their interest in looking after the environment. There are two representatives from each year group Y4-Y7.  They are currently involved in a number of activities to encourage our whole school community to become more eco-friendly such as litter-picking, energy conservation and recycling. Alongside this excellent work, pupils learn about green issues in class, participating in lessons and projects relating to a range of environmental topics.

November was energy month including ‘Switch off fortnight’ whereby all children were encouraged to turn lights, computers and projectors off when leaving the classroom.

In December we will have the ‘Christmas Cracker Cycle’ – children will ‘bling’ their bike/scooter and travel to school.


Eco-Committee 2015-16 Members


Y4 – Jessica and Joshua

Y5 – Jazmine and Spenser

Y6- Jodi and Haley

Y7- Leah and Kaci


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